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How well do practice tests correlate with actual USMLE Step 1 scores?

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Which Step 1 practice exams are most predictive of USMLE score? What do the correlations look like? Read more to find out!

If you took a practice exam and have a 3-digit score.

If you took NBME 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, or a UWorld Self Assessment, this reddit post, which has a sample size of 400 reddit users who took exams from 6/2017-7/2017 and posted their practice test scores as well as their actual scores, will help you understand how you might do on the actual test day.

If you took a practice exam and have a percent correct but do not have a 3-digit score

Check out our NBME practice exam score converter which automatically converts percent correct into a 3-digit score. After you convert to a 3-digit score, check out the reddit post mentioned above.

Which practice exam best correlates with actual USMLE score?

UWorld Self Assessment Exam 2 best correlates with exam score on test day according to the aforementioned data analysis. However, students often take this exam last, so it may only correlate well with the actual exam score because it is usually the most recent exam a student has taken before their test day.


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