Student at UNC (61 point score improvement):

"I’m extremely grateful to have worked with Dr. Dworkin during my dedicated Step 1 study time. At the start of our work together, I had lost all confidence in my ability to perform well come test day. Throughout the course of our time together, he was crucially helpful in a number of ways. He helped me develop valuable test taking skills by supervising practice questions. He provided much needed encouragement on a consistent basis. Finally, and most importantly, he helped me craft an study an effective study plan that worked best for me. Anyone hoping to improve their Step 1 score would do well to work with him. Thank you Dr. Dworkin!"

Student at Indiana University School of Medicine (40 point score improvement):

"Studying for the USMLE Step 1 was a mental challenge. However, the positive attitude of my tutor motivated me to believe in myself and work hard to achieve my goal score. When I first started with tutoring, I got a lot of UWorld MCQs wrong because I did not understand how the questions were written. Very different from the MCAT! My tutor taught me how to approach these questions and how to make an educated guess based on the information that I was given. Becoming a good Step 1 test taker did not happen in one day! In addition to setting milestones, my tutor took time to highlight my weaknesses. By working on these weaknesses, I began seeing my score improving tremendously. If you are financially stressed but are wondering if you should give tutoring a shot, I will say do it! The benefits outweigh the losses... in this case money. Why? Because in addition to your hard work and dedication, you will have a competent coach; you will acquire skills that will be helpful for USMLE Step 1 as well as Step 2 and Step 3; and you will get that goal score!"

Student at SGU (25 point score improvement):

"Coming into my dedicated study for Step 1, I thought I had a handle on how to effectively prepare for exams. However, after a practice exam given by my school and another baseline exam, I was not confident that I could improve by much and hit my goal score. Dr. Dworkin set me up with Joshua who proved me way wrong. He helped me master each part of this exam from question knowledge and how to approach a question stem to time management for the whole exam. He put together a highly customized schedule for me that we tweaked as we worked through the material, and he showed me how to be more efficient in retaining the material I was studying. We focused on strengthening my areas of weakness and reinforcing my strengths. I learned from every tutoring session we had, and throughout the process Joshua guided me and kept my spirits up, acting more as a Guru than just a tutor. In the end, I scored 265! This was 15 points above my goal score and 25 points above my baseline score. If anyone is on the fence about whether to get a tutor for Step 1 or which tutor to go with, I highly recommend talking with Dr. Dworkin and setting yourself up with one of the Gurus. I can’t tell you how satisfied I am with my Step 1 score and MedSchoolGurus experience!"

Student at SGU:

"At the end of my first year, I was desperately looking for a way to study for the USMLE after I scored poorly on a NBME practice exam administered by my school. After having a few sessions with Michael, I realized that, even though I was studying very hard and getting good grades at school exams, I was not studying the right way for the USMLE. Michael thought me a strategy and became my mentor for the following year. At first, I was skeptical of his methods, but as time passed, I realized it works! It really does work! Not only for me but for all my friends who saw my progress and decided to use Michael’s help for their USMLE prep. A few months prior to my exam I took one of NBME self-assessments and this time my score was 241. Our school also conducted another sample test and I ranked 99th percentile in it. I spent the next few months fine tuning my skills and from there on my score only increased. I started breaking 250 a few months prior to my exam. I even went as high as 259. Talking to my friends who used Michael’s help as well, I realized they have improved their scores significantly. All of them ended up increasing their scores by at least 30-40 points. Thus, it’s only fair to say his method works! He is also very knowledgeable and accessible, something that was unique and hard to find among other tutoring/mentoring agencies. I strongly recommend his service to anyone who actually wants to do well on USMLE Step 1. I will definitely be using his service for my clerkship and Step 2 preparation."

Student at Rutgers (20 point score improvement):

"When I was studying for STEP 1, I had trouble managing a study schedule on top of the workload from school. In addition, with all the internet resources available, I was struggling to distill all the material so that I was able to cover the high yield topics from each system. The first session with Dr. Dworkin went a long way in identifying areas that I should focus on. By the end of the first session we identified the areas that I had the most room for growth. Dr. Dworkin provided me with a list of great resources and an itinerary that kept me focused and on track. Each of our follow up sessions focused on reinforcing my strengths as well as helping with test taking strategies to maximize my growth in other systems. His strong knowledge-base in the test material and experience in a clinical setting provided invaluable insight into how to best approach difficult question stems. Overall, I had a great experience working with Dr. Dworkin. He provided me with the study schedule, info on what resources to use, and test taking strategies that without, I do not know if I would have been able to pass STEP 1. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of content you need to cover, or are looking for the best way to approach tough questions- I HIGHLY recommend using his services."

Student at SGU (31 point score improvement):

"I had Michael Dworkin as my tutor. I just got my scores back and was pleased with my results! I did 20 hours with Michael and felt like he gave me excellent advice and was really invested in my process. I heard him in my head while I was taking the test which was great! I highly recommend him for anyone. He helped make me confident in my own abilities and I was very lucky to work with him. Thanks!"