USMLE Tutoring, and NBME, COMLEX, or Shelf Exam Preparation


  • Our Gurus deliver personalized, high yield, efficient, and evidence based strategies for

    • Maximizing performance through an individualized schedule which incorporates targeted content review with spaced-repetition and active learning, and

    • Identifying and minimizing cognitive traps students fall into during exams.

    • Students typically meet Gurus 1:1 via Skype once or twice per week for 1-2 hours per session.

      • Students may choose to begin early during their coursework or can choose to start later, for example, 6 months to two weeks before their exam date.


Comprehensive MedSchoolGurus Anki Decks


Medical School and Residency Application Advising


  • Gurus from top med schools who matched at outstanding residency programs provide individualized application advising, including personal statement and application editing, and interview preparation. 

    • Students meet with Gurus as needed for advising sessions.​

    • Typically, students opt for 3-7 sessions.